About Us

What's a LoCo Team?

There is a huge Ubuntu community worldwide. People all over the world use it, in all walks of life and in all professions. Due to the size of this worldwide community it is obviously sensible to sub-divide it according to geographical locations. In most cases each country will have its own community but in some cases, such as in the USA, a single city might have enough Ubuntu users to be considered as an area by itself. Most of these sub-divisions within the community will have a group of enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to advocating Ubuntu in their local area. Such individuals will generally be organised into a team, known as a LoCo (Local Community) Team. The Zimbabwe LoCo Team are a group of volunteers whose mission is to promote Ubuntu in Zimbabwe, as the operating system of choice.

What's our motivation?

Passion! The members of the Ubuntu Zimbabwe LoCo Team are passionate about free software, and Ubuntu in particular, because we believe it is the best operating system available. We do not receive any financial gains for our work and we do not expect any rewards other than the satisfaction of watching the Ubuntu community grow within Zimbabwe. We are also proud that the best operating system in the world, rapidly gaining popularity on every continent, actually has its roots in Africa. We also think it's cool to be able to promote something that is truly free - no strings attached.

(A full list of Team members and their responsibilities can be found on our launchpad page).

How did the Zimbabwe Team start?

The Zimbabwe Team was started in September 2007 by Neil Coetzer, but since then a number of people have joined up and contributed to the progress of Ubuntu in Zimbabwe. The forum was launched in October 2007 and discussions soon started regarding the need for a local repository mirror, to assist Ubuntu users in Zimbabwe. Within the same month talks started with Yo!Africa who readily agreed to provide free hosting for the repository. Progress was slow while the necessary hardware was sourced and set up. The ball really got rolling near the end of April 2008 when Kalpesh Thaker joined the team. Being an "insider" at Yo!Africa/Webdev, he was in a prime position to make things happen and that's exactly what he did! May 2008 was one of the most active months on our mailing list, largely due to Ronald Munjoma joining the team and helping to motivate members and stir things up a bit. The first face-to-face Ubuntu meeting was held in Harare on 7th May 2008 to discuss the repository and Web site plans among other things. This soon evolved into regular monthly meetings, although attendance varied greatly. Ronald has been our faithful scribe since the beginning, taking minutes at all the meetings and assisting with team administration and correspondence. There were many delays with the repository project, but progress was still being made. The initial set up was done by Ray Goosen and the repository was launched on 9th August 2008. Since Ray's departure from Zimbabwe, Kalpesh has taken on the task of maintaining the repository and making sure it is online 24/7. November 2008 was a memorable month since the first official 'event' organised by the Zimbabwe Team, the Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) release party, was held on 1st November 2008 at Webdev. This Web site was also finally launched in November 2008.

(Anyone wishing to join the LoCo Team, please check out this page).