Join the LoCo Team

Should I join?
Generally, we do not try to force people to join. We obviously would love to see the LoCo Team grow, but those joining should be aware that there is a certain level of commitment required and it must be their own choice. It is also important to make sure that your motives are "pure". We are not on the team to make money or for any other reward. We are passionate and we want to see Ubuntu spread far and wide in Zimbabwe.

Keeping all that in mind, the LoCo Team is completely open for anyone who wishes to join. So no matter who you are, if you have an interest in promoting Ubuntu in Zimbabwe, or helping to support Ubuntu users, or if there is any other contribution that you feel you could make, you are more than welcome to get involved. We do need more members! The choice is entirely yours.

Can I still be involved without joining the LoCo Team?
Yes, you can. If you are an Ubuntu user then you are considered part of the Zimbabwe Ubuntu Community by default, and that alone is a free ticket to get involved. The LoCo Team exists to serve the local community, provide leadership and support, and to promote Ubuntu throughout the country. Even if you're not willing to put in all the work as a team member, you can still be involved in the community, take part on our mailing list and forum, and attend any functions that are held.

How do I join the LoCo Team?
There are a few prerequisites to joining the team:

  • You must have an account on (which uses OpenID)
  • You must be willing to digitally sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct
  • You must be familiar with the Leadership Code of Conduct
  • You must be willing to work for the good of Ubuntu and Zimbabwe!

If you are happy with those prerequisites, then:

  • Make sure your launchpad home page is up-to-date
  • Sign up to the LoCo at
  • Log in to using your launchpad account or OpenID.
  • Create your own home page on the wiki
    (It is probably a good idea to inter-link between your wiki home page and your launchpad home page).
  • Introduce yourself to the Team and let them know that you have joined.
  • Take a look at the responsibilities page of the team wiki and decide where and how you will be willing to contribute. If you would like to contribute in some way that is not listed, feel free to suggest new projects or additions.
  • Communicate and interact with other team members and the rest of the Ubuntu community. We are united by our common goals in the spirit of Ubuntu!
  • New members should digitally sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct within three months of joining the team. This is done as a demonstration of commitment and is an agreement to abide by the code of conduct when engaged in matters concerning Ubuntu.
  • Most importantly, have fun!